Laurie Halsey Brown/Rotterdam

I am a NYC artist now based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I make translocal site-responsive projects that evolve over time, in physical space and in cyber space. These projects attempt to articulate my own relationship to space(s) and to reveal new perspectives on ideas surrounding space (public and private, physical and virtual) in relation to the internet. A series of these projects titled being there are beginning their development with a grant from CBK in Rotterdam and will begin from a squated building I have taken over there. I also make single-channel videos that have been shown in festivals internationally and curate media based projects.

I have several series‘s of site-responsive projects that I continue when I begin to work in a new site; a video series titled Time which uses time-lapse video, a photo based series titled Simultaniety which focuses on images that include both the inside and the outside of a site simultaneously and a drawing series titled Speaking in Public using architectural plans and found paper from the site. During my time in Gropiusstadt, I continued these series of works there by taking time-lapse video from several locations in the apartment and I created a 1 min. piece called Time (Berlin) , I created 3 photographs called Simultaniety (Berlin) v. 1, 2, 3 and I xeroxed architectural plans and gathered found paper from around the area in order to make drawings when I return to Rotterdam.

The architecture and the history of the area was a main reason why I came to Gropiusstadt and while here, I also investigated the history of the site and it’s architect Walter Gropius.