Eline McGeorge/London

During my stay in Gropiusstadt I had a chance to develop and propose a project to be realised in autumn 2006.

The stay gave me the luxury to work without much distraction in the quiet and spacious apartment. All this very much appreciated, as a contrast to my everyday life in London. So, after enjoying my solitude for a couple of days I started to understand that I was in the perfect setting for a project I have had in the back of my mind for some time.

The project developed as I explored the near surroundings of the flat, and through the information I collected. Inspired by the fields where the Berlin Wall was situated, the fenced in and overgrown train track that cross the field and end in the waste dump on the other side of the field, the dumps machinery and soil piles in the horizon, the misty autumn view from the field and onto the high rise buildings, the mix between wild growing park areas and the vast buildings of the area, abandoned buildings, and also the view and basic interior and architecture of the flat and the GEHAG building.

I propose to produce a low-tech sci-fi film set in Gropiusstadt and involving volunteers from the local communities as actors and assistants in the making for the film.