Tomoko Takahashi/Tokio

I got totally freedom during my stay in Gropiusstadt.
For two weeks in July 2005, I explored inside and outside of the area. I sometimes got lost on
purpose and ended up to peek at the local people's way of living. I also enjoyed talking with
residents of GEHAG without common language.

I did performance titled "Look up the sky" in front of the huge shopping mall.
First of all, I carried long timber with business suit and high-heeled shoes. Then I built up a
ladder using timber, hand saw, nail and hammer. A middle aged man helped me with carrying the
timber and little kids asked me what I was doing. After I made a ladder, I walked across the
street. I approached a giant statue of dinosaur and attempted to set a ladder against the
statue to compete the height.
But, it wasn't happened due to a security guard's claim.