Eline McGeorge & Benjamin Huseby

Eline McGeorge and Benjamin Huseby came to Gropiusstadt to make a Docu-Sci-Fi film. We wanted to work with the local community. After some complications we got in touch with a youth club (“Pädagogisch betreuter Spielplatz Wildhüterweg”), and they became an important part of our film project. We filmed the youths in their self-made little wooden hut village among the trees in the outskirts of Gropiusstadt. This part of the filming mostly consisted of conversations with the youths, about their wooden village, sci-fi heroes, the powers and ideas behind these characters and the stories they belonged to. We were very pleased with the high theoretical and personal level on which the youths were talking and relating to the visionary and utopian aspects of sci-fi. The conversation also connected to the utopian aspects of their self-made wooden hut village. All this filmed with the high rise buildings of Gropiusstadt as a backdrop to their self-made world of wooden structures.

The second part of this film is more ‘experimental’ filming done on 16mm film and based around the field outside Gropiusstadt. This film is also suggesting a parallel story.

The two parts will be edited together to make a dialog between the documentation part and the 16mm film.