Eunji Cho / Seoul

/ 2009

Eunji Cho Bild

A round poem about all opened concept
A moment comes,
One end of a strand turns the Earth’s core
And at some point
It meets the other end,
Every moment.

Not to lose the moment of conjoining of both ends
I have never greeted the night coming.

Legs were trembling.
When I touched my face,
I felt my eyes were dilating and bulging.
Pupils were shrinking
To nothing right at the moment of conjoining of
Two ends.

Please, don’t be
Until the moment.

I didn’t fail to catch the moment.
At that instant of joint,
I hit the strand like a flash and cut the line.
At that crack of moment,
Pupils grew back
So that I could see the light opening up to me.
I ran headlong down to the sea of Incheon.

Becoming one finite line,
The strand drifts toward the moon
And cuts it in half.
Then I can see the circle and semi-circle of the moon finally.
Also can I see the darkened circle after every semi-circle.

*This poem is part of the work ‘ A Round Poem About All Opened Concept & The Other Way Round’

Eunji Cho Bild Eunji Cho Bild
Eunji Cho Bild Eunji Cho Bild