Giles Eldridge / London

/ 2009

Giles Eldridge Bild Giles Eldridge Bild Giles Eldridge Bild

Socially, Gropiusstadt seems to work. Maybe this is easy for me to say since I like Modernist architecture and the materials used, so I want it to work. The buildings and environment are well maintained and I saw no signs of isolation or desolation. This cannot be said for many similar estates in England, where the architecture is usually blamed for failure.

In Gropiusstadt the architecture triumphs and continues to develop with the population.
It takes people to make it work, the buildings cannot succeed alone.

For Berliners the area is far from the centre, in fact it is only twenty minutes to Alex but no one else I know has been there.

Gropiusstadt is inside and outside Berlin.

I spent the time moving around the area, trying to get inside some of the buildings and taking photographs. There is an ease in the air.

I imagine a narrative where I make a drawing in the morning then place it in an envelop and leave it some where nearby, maybe on a bench, a library book or inside a Café menu.

Giles Eldridge Bild Giles Eldridge Bild Giles Eldridge Bild