Teresa Vida Sánchez / Berlin – Córdoba

Könnten Sie mit Farbe und Form Gropiusstadt beschreiben? / Could You describe Gropiusstadt with colour and form?

Performance in Gropiusstadt / 2009

Teresa Vida Sánchez Bild Teresa Vida Sánchez Bild Teresa Vida Sánchez Bild

“Life” is a word close to me not only in my name, also in what I consider what is my live: art. In my opinion, art is the representation of life. Like the live of a person, art is a process, an amazing journey to experiment, to enjoy and to learn.
I stayed in the apartment in Gropiusstadt as artist in residence and I reflected during this stay how it is to live there. Personally I felt that it was a kind of making poetry: it was nice and short. But for me it was also important to observe what was outside of this apartment and to act in public spaces directly with the passers-buy.
However, what I’ve discovered in my art intervention is the intention to get art close to people’s life directly in their public and daily spaces. Art requires a context. And the context of the place is something that I’ve tried to care actually in my intervention. Another relevant concept which I introduced on this work was the concept of painting in public space. It was possible to create real situations using painting techniques in public spaces and I could call this phenomenon public painting.

In one day performance in Gropiusstadt I was asking the people to paint the form and colour which describe this area where they live.
For some of them, the area was a yellow spiral which grows up and up, for others, the own house, the place where they are living. On that day, I saw a lot of different people who saw different colours and different forms. What makes a place like Gropiusstadt really different? For me, after my stay there, I could describe it as a piece of art with an abstract square form on grey colour with red, green and yellow points on it.

Could you also describe it?

Teresa Vida Sánchez Bild Teresa Vida Sánchez Bild Teresa Vida Sánchez Bild